Imagine creating a universe...

what might you find?

Surprise Twists


The Little Universe ebook by Jason MatthewsRead summaries, reviews and sample chapters of

The Little Universe and Jim's Life.

“Not only is the plot based on a brilliant and original concept, it is well crafted, tightly paced and beautifully written”- Charlotte Abel, author of Enchantment.

Exciting, thought-provoking and filled with surprise twists.

“So different from most other science fiction – this book goes beyond the norm and looks at important mind/body/spirit issues in a science fiction setting.” - Tui Allen, author of Ripple.

“This was quite an inventive story. I don’t know how realistic the science was (don’t worry, the author kept it very simple), but it made for a marvelous story.” - Jim Chambers, Red Adept Reviews.


Jim's Life ebook by Jason Matthews

Romance, paranormal, fantasy, the future and more. Many readers comment, "I never like sci-fi or fantasy, but this was different."

Easy to read, stimulates the mind. Perfect for book clubs.

Mature themes recommended for readers 16 years and above.

(Book clubs can have Google Plus hangout or Skype visit with me during your discussion time--just contact me to arrange an author discussion.)

On the following pages you'll find summaries, reviews and sample chapters... enjoy.

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